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These are our products.

Amenities required for our living environments

We are always trying to develop human-friendly products that offer daily comfort through innovative ideas.

Comfortableness in the social environment

We offer you the comfort and convenience of bathroom furnishings for schools, public facilities (airports, stations and parks), hospitals and commercial spaces.

Distribution revolution

The problems of transportation costs and storage space directly impact on costs. From the point of view of our customers,
Clinpet constantly aims for cost reduction by developing and improving our manufactured products.

Revolutionary idea!! Our towel paper compression packaging achieves a compression of 2-to-1 for paper products.

Product features

  1. Reduction of transportation costs by our compression packaging!
    How much more compressed paper products can you carry in the same number of cardboard boxes!
  2. Reduction of storage space by half due to our compression packaging!
    Increases the storage capacity at the warehouse by compressing even though it is the same size!