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Universal thinking

All people, regardless of differences in culture, language, nationality, talents or disabilities, can use our products equally.

Product features

  1. Everybody can use with one hand.
    Easy-to-use product for everybody, from little children to the elderly and those with one-handed disabilities, because the toilet paper sheet can be pulled out with only one hand.
  2. Economical supplies are available.
    No wasted sheets in storage, because you can refill as needed.
  3. Cost saving!!
    Pulling out a paper sheet one by one can reduce usage.
  4. No sound when used
    There is no sound when you pull out the paper sheet. (Women are especially concerned about this issue.)
  5. Contribute to the reduction of garbage.
    No paper roll core, reducing garbage through less packaging.

Standard homes, retail outlets, kindergartens, day nurseries, schools

Holders with character designs (Hello Kitty, Relakkuma etc.) Available with animal stickers



Facile AQ250

Standardized size: 105x200mm Packaging unit: 250 three-ply sheets Number of packages in a box: 60 packages


Refill toilet sheet

4 packages per packaging (200 three-ply sheets/ package)

Appropriate for all public facilities; airports, stations, parks, schools, hospitals and so on.

IT-430 white IT-430 silver twin

IT-430 typed holder

Color: white

IT-430 typed holder

Color: silver

Commercial twin holder

Potential Example

Potential Example (Day nursery)

IT-430 white IT-430 silver

Potential Example (Department store)

IT-430 white IT-430 silver