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Unique thinking

Our ideas are always original and reliable. We have enhanced the possibilities of our products and intensified our efforts to meet customers’ needs.

Media Jumbo with advertisement

Target your market segment with your information.

Effective utilization of the dispenser as one of your advertising platforms

  • The number of users can be estimated from the amount of consumed toilet paper rolls.
  • Separate usages for men and women are available, and different a dvertisements can be used.
  • The ads suitable for targeting different ages and sexes can be placed at an appropriate spot.
  • Your ad on the dispenser right under the customer’s eyes can provide a big advertising space with a 30cm in diameter surface.
  • Advertisement contents can be certainly displayed.

Ownership costs can be met by advertising revenues!

Remarkable cost reduction of expenses connected to your toilets!

Yurikamome Co., Ltd., operating a (famous) new train service in Tokyo Waterfront area, uses uses the advertising revenues for maintenance, repair and improvement costs of their restroom facilities, providingcomfortable restrooms for their customers. They think that keeping toilets clean will lead to better customerservice and help them to acquire new customers.