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Reliable Quality

Our ‘ Toilet seat cover ’ product has evolved in comfort and convenience throughout its 40-year history to currently hold the largest domestic market share.

Revolutionary idea!! Our towel paper compression packaging achieves a compression of 2-to-1 for paper products.

Product features

  1. Flush the Toilet seat cover down the toilet after use. Pass ed the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)
  2. Soft texture with an embossed effect
  3. Hygienic product with antibacterial finishing
S-typed holder A-typed holder
S-typed holder with a lock
Size: 280x220x37mm
A-typed holder without a lock
Size: 260x210x45mm


Clinpet Bon Marche Clinpet Copper/ E-50 Clinpet Silver A
Clinpet Bon Marche
Packaging Unit: 80 sheets/
plastic bag
Clinpet Copper/ E-50
Packaging Unit: 50 sheets/
plastic bag
Clinpet Silver A
Packaging Unit: 30 sheets/
plastic bag